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About Mudgee

Mudgee is a town in the Central West of New
South Wales, Australia. It is in the broad fertile
Cudgegong River valley 261 kilometres north-
west of Sydney.
Mudgee is at the centre of the Mid-Western
Regional Council local government area. At the
2011 census, Mudgee had a population of
9,830 people.

The Mudgee district lies across the edge of the
geological structure known as the Sydney

Mudgee has developed as a wine producing
region and is therefore dependant on wine
manufacturing as a major part of its economy.
It is also heavily dependant on several major
mines in the surrounding area.

Other rural produce includes cattle, sheep,
wheat, alfalfa, olives, fruit, tomatoes, corn,
honey, and dairy products. These, however, do
not play as major a role as the mining industry.